Criminal defense is a pillar of the American judicial system. While a legal guarantee is that of court-provided council, the unfortunate truth is that many public defenders are overburdened by their caseload and as such may not be able to provide individual attention your case requires. So, you have the option to turn to private defense attorneys. For many, it can be tough to know where to start. This blog will help break down what to look for when finding the right criminal defense attorney in Burlington County, NJ.


Hire Locally

Hiring a criminal defense attorney familiar with the procedures of the local courthouses’ procedures and local prosecutors tactics may help simplify and streamline an already complex process for you. This insider knowledge may help your criminal defense attorney understand when a prosecutor is likely to offer a plea, or what specific county procedures apply to which crimes charged. Having a defense attorney familiar with the local statutes and decorums the courthouse can help you get a leg up during your case.


Seek Out Experience

Experience is a crucial aspect when seeking out any legal representation, but especially in criminal cases. Criminal cases, especially those involving felonies, can be grueling, multi-faceted processes, and attorneys that lack experience in the field may not the best to address your needs. Attorneys who have varied portfolios in addition to their criminal defense experience are also a plus, as their larger pool of cases can allow for more creative problem-solving in the courtroom. Prioritize those who have positive feedback from previous clients, such as testimonials, as this will give you a better sense of their abilities and track record.


Look For Someone With Experience on Both Sides of the Aisle

Experience in the field of criminal defense is crucial to finding the right criminal defense attorney in Burlington County, NJ. However, experience on the other side of the aisle can be hugely beneficial. Previous work as prosecutors provides a strategic advantage to your legal representation in criminal cases. This experience will give your defense attorney a better understanding of prosecutorial strategies, how to craft an effective defense and some insight into how cases are built.


Trust Your Gut

While feedback and experience are important, it’s also crucial to meet with prospective attorneys and determine who you feel can best represent your personal needs in a courtroom. Are they simply after a new client or do they actually care about awarding you justice? Only hire an attorney that can offer not only a proven track record but shows a true interest in your case and a desire to help you succeed in your legal proceedings. This concern should extend past just your criminal case and to how it affects your personal life. Meeting in person with the attorney will help you better determine which criminal defense attorney in Burlington County, NJ will best represent you.


McCullough & Joseph Are Ready to Fight For You

With over forty years of combined legal experience in New Jersey, including experience as criminal prosecutors, the law firm of McCullough and Joseph understand how to fight for your personal needs. Our team is dedicated to awarding you justice, and experience on both sides of the criminal court aisle gives us a strategic example when representing you. Contact us today.


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