Experiencing an injury is devastating to individuals, families, and local communities. This tradgedy is compounded when it’s caused by someone else’s negligence. In these events however, legal recourse is vital for victims to actively, and agressively seek. Finding the right attorney to represent your needs is a pivotal step to bring you closer to justice. However, it may be difficult to know where to start, and what to look for when seeking out a personal injury attorney that will fit your needs. As such, here are 3 useful tips for finding the right personal injury attorney.



Personal injury cases differ from some other types of legal cases as they often regard extremely personal and emotional experiences for those who have been injured. This is why it’s important to meet several attorneys, and get to assess them personally best you can. You want to entrust your case to someone you feel has real interest in seeing justice delivered to you as opposed to an attorney who’s priorty is their payday at the end of the case. This relational quality not only helps you feel like you’re being fought for, but means your attorney will be better at representing the emotional and physical aspects of your case at trial. When finding the right personal injury attorney, one that can understands you can help you through the gruelling trial process.


Personal injury cases can be difficult, and complex cases. As such, a newer attorney is rarely the right choice to properly represent your interests in court. Experience may seem like a given, but having to prove fault in personal injury cases is not as easily approachable as it may first seem. Experience should also be diversified beyond just personal injury cases. An experienced attorney may better understand the innerworkings of local court houses, and be familiar with the strategies of attorneys representing the defendants. Attorneys that have experience on both sides of the aisle will also be better equipped in the court room.


Be sure to consult with any prospective attorneys to figure out if they are familiar with the specific kind of case you have. Personal injury cases can vary wildly beween each other. For instance, if your vehicle was struck by a drunk driver, then assesing fault is likely more simple. However, the cases of slips and falls in places such as stores, the answer may be more murky. Be sure that your attorney is experienced in each different category of personal injury cases. If a firm only works one type of case, say car accidents, they may not be the best to represent you in the event of a domest animal attack.

Finding the right personal injury attorney may be a process, but by carefully examinging these different aspects, you’ll go into the court room with someone you feel confidant can represent your needs. The law office of McCullough & Joseph have fought for the custice of plaintiffs in cases ranging from car crash to slip and fall, among many others. With experience as prosecutors before establishing a private firm, they know the importance of delivering justice to those who have been wronged. Contact McCullough & Joseph today to for your personal injury case needs in New Jersey.

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