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What is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation, as outlined by New Jersey law, requires that employers provide employees with adequate monetary compensation for workplace injuries or illnesses suffered. This coverage can include medical bills, physical therapy, wages lost, and pain and suffering among others. By law, all employers in the state of New Jersey not under federal statutes must provide workers compensation.

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Why Seek Legal Representation?

If an employer fails to adequate compensation, or tries not to pay at all, it’s time to seek legal representation. McCullough and Joseph can help you seek out the compensation you are rightfully owed, including extreme cases when it’s necessary to bring civil suits against your employers. Workplace accidents are painful enough without having to struggle against your employer to get the compensation you are rightfully owed.

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The law office of McCullough & Joseph specializes in workers compensation cases. As former county prosecutors, we understand the importance of delivering justice to victims who have been wronged. With a combined forty years of legal experience, we provide our legal expertise to those in need across New Jersey.

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